Thursday, January 25, 2018

Tampa Hardwood Flooring Buyer's Guide


Beyond sheltering you and your family, your home is a large financial investment. Additionally, it represents you- your tastes and your lifestyle. So, it is important that you choose a company that can deliver a beautiful floor of the highest caliber. Below is what we offer, and what you should expect from any contractor:
  1. Our portfolio shows you the types of materials and kinds of projects with which we have experience, as well as the quality of homes in which we are accustomed to be working. Ask to see the portfolio of any craftsman.

  2. Visit our showroom. It displays a wide variety of species and designs, at a range of price points. For over a quarter of a century, we have been researching the best and most beautiful materials to be found on earth and have access to them all. A quality company will have a showroom, and will have a variety of products at a range of price points.

  3. Chris, the company owner will listen to what you want. He will explain to you and show you how you can get the perfect floor for you and your family. He will answer your questions as well as originate information pertinent to your specific needs and wants. A reputable wood flooring salesman will have a huge amount of product knowledge on species, types of materials such as solid and engineered, and a basic understanding of chemistry. He will explain to you in layman’s terms how these various factors will play into making your choice of product.

  4. An incorrectly installed or refinished floor could look beautiful now, but develop problems in the future due to incorrect procedures being done, or through the use of improper materials. By knowing and following industry standards, we ensure your floor will be long-lasting and we protect your warrantee. Our materials, equipment and techniques are state-of-the-art.

    We are longstanding members of the National Wood Flooring Association, the trade organization that sets the standards for the wood flooring industry, providing training and technical data to its members. Membership in this organization is a must for any wood flooring professional.

  5. Notice how long it takes for the estimator to respond to your initial call. A company that provides good service will get back to you quickly, and be happy to answer all your questions, including giving you some general pricing. We try to respond to any inquiry within 24 hours. Sometimes, we need to make many inquiries regarding the pricing and availability of materials, which can add time to the writing of your bid. However, when such is the case, Chris makes sure that he gives updates on his progress.

  6. A quality company such as Through the Woods will provide you with a written bid which delineates every major material to be used such as the wood product name, type of finish, etc., as well as all the specifics of all the work to be done, such as sub-floor preparation, areas to be installed, type of finish and trim.

    Our payment terms are well defined, and we do not ask you to pay for work in advance of its being completed. You may be asked for a deposit for materials when they are ordered.

  7. Check our references. We can arrange for you to view a completed floor or a job-site of a project similar to your own. People have different standards so you want to know that the person recommending any tradesman holds the same standards as your own.

    Ask our references about the level of service they received. Below are some questions that you could ask:
    • How easy was it to communicate with them?

      We feel that it is crucial that it be easy to talk to both the craftsmen, and company management. Our employees are willing and able to answer most of your questions. Management is easy to reach and responds quickly. We feel that you & your job are important.

    • Were the craftsmen polite?

      Our men are pleasant to be around. They have good manners and know how to conduct themselves in your home. Your house is not just a jobsite. It is your home. We treat your home and its contents with respect.

    • Did they clean up the mess that they made?

      Construction activities can create a mess. However, the messes should be tidied at the end of each day and gone when the project is completed. Our customers love that we are so tidy!

  8. Make sure that the company you hire takes the steps listed below to protect your home and family. Some of these points are required by law, but many companies are not in compliance.
    • Through the Woods runs a Drug Free Workplace. This program requires that employees be drug tested at the time of hiring and allows for periodic, random testing. It puts employees on notice that drug use is prohibited and monitored.

      We run background checks on prospective employees. We want you to be comfortable with the people who work in your home.

    • We carry the proper insurance. Any company should carry liability insurance. This type of policy covers damage that might happen to your home as a result of their work. For example, should a plumber cause a leak which damages your home, his liability insurance would pay for the repairs to that damage, an expense many plumbers could not afford.

    • If a company has employees, they should also carry Workers’ Compensation insurance. This type of policy protects your homeowner’s insurance should an injury or work- related illness occur on your property. We carry this important insurance.

    • Inquire as to whether the people who will be working in your home will be employees of the company, or independent contractors. A large benefit of hiring a company like ours, that uses employees, is that their prospective hires can be drug tested & background checked as a condition of employment. They can also be supervised. By law, an independent contractor cannot- he is independent.

    The majority of these points apply to the choosing & hiring of all specialty trades, not just wood flooring. Keep this list for your next home improvement project!

To request a free estimate, call us at 813.232.3985 or fill in our free estimate form.


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Tampa Hardwood Flooring Buyer's Guide

HOW CAN YOU BE ASSURED THAT YOU WILL RECEIVE A HIGH QUALITY FLOOR? Beyond sheltering you and your family, your home is a large financial ...